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I’ve been sponsored! Esther Shaban #10543

Esther Shaban

Esther Shaban is an orphan born on July 26th 1995 in the Eastern province of Kenya, Kangundo district. She is attending St. Martin High School. After the death of her parents she and her brother were adopted by their grandmother who soon passed away. Their aunt took them in to care for them. A short while later the aunt also fell sick and passed away. These events affected Esther and her brother to the extent that they abandoned their house for fear that they too would die. They began to live in the bush near their home. One day, a woman who was used to seeing the children realized she hadn’t seen them in a while. She looked around and couldn’t find them. She went to their home and found the door open but no one was inside. She called for them to come out and they hesitantly appeared, still with fear that they too might die. Although this peasant farmer has her own family she has taken in Esther and her brother and continues to care for them.

Esther has found a sponsor but would love to see her friends sponsored. Please consider sponsoring a different child.